22 Apr 2013
April 22, 2013

In setting up a 44FY

Currently we are setting up a site in FY 44, an ocean cruiser with very modern and the use of lightweight materials, a new challenge that is allowing us d ‘to acquire new skills. The product is very different from our standard, but the satisfaction is huge for the great adaptability of our employees who,.. read more →

In the month of March was launched at the Sporting Club of Chioggia the last Z49S, Torra A Merì, designed by Studio Starkel, made as usual with a custom fit devoted to his owner. The boat will dock at the Moselle for a few months before leaving for a cruise in the Mediterranean. We installed.. read more →

A site with new graphics with an eye towards foreign markets thanks to the texts in English. At this time it is an economic effort important, but the will to continue in our tradition leads us to invest and deal with the difficulties with enthusiasm and persistence. The ability to autonomously update allows us to.. read more →